Auteur Muse, Nour, stands on the beach wearing the beautiful vegan leather Elly Coat. The baby blue colour of the coat pops over a crystal chest piece she gazes off into the distance arms on waist with the blue water of the ocean and the sun setting behind her.

Capsule 1. Nour in Miami for Auteur. 2019. View more

Auteur muse Marina stands statuesque in front of an artists studio wall. She's wearing a flowing vintage kimono inspired printed silk maxi dress with cutouts and a black vegan leather bodice. She's lifting up the skirt of the dress ever so slightly to reveal the zebra print calf length boots she's wearing. Looking elegant and refined she gazes off to the left of camera.

Capsule 2. Marina at Casa Studio for Auteur. 2020. View more

Capsule 3. Nicole in Tulum for Auteur. 2020. View more

Capsule 3. Bree in Los Angeles for Auteur. 2020. View more