At Auteur we are dedicated to implementing practices that are more sustainable for the future. While we understand the conflict between sustainability and the fashion industry, we believe that to make a difference we need to start somewhere. We are focused on making better choices that minimize our impact on the environment.

This is the beginning of a long journey for Auteur and a challenge for the industry as a whole. But one we excited to embrace. One area we are focusing on is responsible fabrics at the design stage finding the best that the industry currently has to offer making sure they are independently certified. 

We believe in the effort to create a circular garment which is why we are dedicated to using certified trims, hanger tape and lining. We also are minimizing our usage of plastic in our packaging using recycled poly-bags and cardboard. 

Some certifications we search for are;



A certification that limits the use of toxic chemicals during the production process of textiles. The Global Organic Textile Standard has defined the requirements recognized world wide. These requirements guarantee the organic status of textiles through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing. 


A certification that verifies that a product really does have the recycled content it claims. The Global Recycle Standard was formed to verify the recycled content of products and to verify responsible environmental, chemical and social practices in production. GRS requires precise content claims, fair working conditions, and insures that harmful environmental and chemical impacts are minimal.


In order to achieve this certification the fabrications have been tested to be 100% free from harmful substances known to affect human health.


A certification that was created to ensure products from forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. 


The Better Cotton Initiative is a non profit group that promotes better standards in cotton farming enabling more sustainably produced cotton to enter the global supply chain.

Auteur believes it is our obligation to commit to making better choices that to minimize our environmental impact.