About Auteur


An artist who applies a highly centralized and subjective control to many aspects of a collaborative creative work; in other words a person equivalent to an author of a novel or a play.

Inspired by a love for vintage, the Auteur wardrobe is curated for modern dressing. It is built with easy to wear pieces you can slip into regardless of the time of day or season.

Influenced by creative director Lucinda Taffs' personal style the timeless silhouettes of Auteur are effortlessly feminine. Utilizing her experience working as a model and photographer, Lucinda's range of sophisticated and unapologetic statement pieces are for a woman who isn't afraid to be herself.

Reflecting the complexity of women around the world, our launch collection is a reassertion of feminine identity. A bold yet refined collection featuring a strong use of colour and print design. Ready-to-wear wherever the day may lead.